101 Gradations 101 Jacket

101 Gradations 101 Jacket

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This exquisite jacket is based almost exactly off the original worn by Hunter S Thompson. The jacket was an original tailored jacket with Abercrombie and Fitch tags (when they made great gentlemen clothing).

We built this around the idea of indigo around the world, or hues and blues. We find that indigo blue is universal globally as a staple color that is ecological and beautiful. These are made in North Carolina in-house with a low carbon footprint.

This is an original version simplified and slightly modified for Silviculture. The panels have been hand dyed in North Carolina by In Our Nature. The canvas we use is from a US manufacturer of 100% cotton. The corduroy is indigo corduroy but is hickory stripe on the flat side. It is also sourced in America. The lining is a flat 100% cotton beige twill US made.

The sizing is one size fits most, but we understand that some of our customers may prefer something with longer sleeves and torsos. We ask that if you place an order please understand we cannot make a custom pattern for you but we can modify some lengths. The fit is generous and comfortable. We feel this allows for plenty of layering and breathability in warmer climates.

This version is slightly updated with a full silhouette and simple detailing. We can add simple patch pockets to the liner and adjust their placement as you see fit. You can even choose from half belt or no half belt.

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