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A lot with less

Pentimento is a small clothing maker out of Atlanta Georgia. He uses a full arsenal of incredible fabrics from rayon, silk, terry (from actual towels), to drapery fabric. All of which become very functional and one-off (for the most part) items. From coveralls, to parkas, hoodies, and camp shirts. He has pretty much covered the entire spectrum. In his own words he wrote the following for this piece:

Pentimento is a term from the world of painting and it refers to a painting that has been changed throughout the course of the painters process, either as a refinement or because an idea has been abandoned. The Mona Lisa or the Last Supper are probably the most famous examples. 

I feel that i’m interpreting this concept quite literally in that I am starting with a finished object and altering it. 

Using vintage textiles including but not limited to finished garments and home goods like bedding and curtains, I hope to convey a home made feel. As if one of your own family members made a garment specifically for you. 

I am really happy to see people making such wild exciting clothes in this time of dreary neutrals and matte bland colors. I love the idea of men wearing florals and fabrics that might be regarded as feminine. I think anyone can find something in his collection that they can vibe-on. This might be on the more wild end of up-cycling but The actual garments themselves are familiar and I would say in same realm as Junya, Old Park, Kapital Kountry, or any of the other dozens of brands not re-using old garments. So for me his work speaks volumes of what is possible in the future of apparel and what the future holds for designers and thrift stores/clothing donations.

His items are limited for purchase usually only through his own webstore. There are a few pieces available at Paloma in San Francisco. Also as part of a special pop up event I am joining in Okinawa they will also be available at Kerouac in March this year.

A little more of the world of recycling and up cycling in apparel from my perspective.

The world of up-cycling has increased dramatically in the last few years. Some say it is due in part to the Konmari effect. But I think the idea of simply tossing stuff and erasing it from the mind is a bad practice. It just moves the problem from your closet to someone else space. What Pentimento is doing is what we all should be practicing in the apparel industry. Which is simply using what is already available. Re-engineering, up-cycling, or recycling fabrics and garments one of the only ways forward for the industry as a whole.

I don’t believe in sustainable fashion, when you see how much natural resource and people are abused by the demand of retail. The skills in apparel are weakening as a result of the convenience/share culture. Companies over-produce for customers they don’t even have.

Fashion companies really need to be more responsible and aware of the issues that occur because of their industry standards. Ideally garments should be made for your customers, no over-stock, increase the use of simple natural fibers that support farmers and ethical practices.

There is so much left to improve small companies such as Pentimento and the projects I am working on are aiming to create great stuff with as little impact on the environment as possible.

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