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No, No, Yes! Leather Tailor | Striking Green Riders Jacket

No, No, Yes! Leather Tailor | Striking Green Riders Jacket


For the past year or so I have been somewhat obsessed about green. There is something quite striking and mysterious about the color. No, No, Yes! is a rather small company based in Tokyo. With only 4 retail stores it is also rather rare. NNY specializes in all things leather. They offer some of the rarest and most fantastic leather options. 


Looking through their leather assortments their base leathers (not counting all the secret custom leather options available in Tokyo) I chose a sturdy 1.0mm vegetable tanned naked horsehide. The other options that were available were, lamb (two varieties), cow, and horse(price does not change for leather type).


I have always loved horse leather. It starts out stiff but it ends up so luxuriously soft after a few years of wear. The price range is also quite reasonable starting at 111,000 JPY (plus tax) the build quality is simple but the options available are enticing. The zipper options are great (Waldes) and they come in three colors, silver, brass, and black coated brass (what I chose). Snaps, and stitch color are also all chosen by customer for each order. Even the lining down to the pocket bags are customizable.

Build time comes in at 1.5-2 months which is reasonable considering the details and options. Make sure to check out their homepage (link at the top) for more sample custom jackets, and the 5 different base jackets to chose from. Also feel free to contact me if you would like to place an order, I would love to help you get a great leather jacket.


Kapital - Century Denim No.3・S・A

Kapital - Century Denim No.3・S・A