Introducing a new creative collective called “Silviculture”.

My friend Kerrel and Nkem are the proud owners of In Our Nature, in Charlotte North Carolina. They are self-described as follows:

IN OUR NATURE is a natural dye studio and flower shop based out of Charlotte, North Carolina.

We felt a connection with heritage craftsmanship and how it has served for centuries as a sustainable means for its own immediate community/town/village. We admire how no matter the scale of these artisanal practices, they were somehow still able to create global resonance. We decided we had to respond by creating an art platform that communicates this value with intention to encourage new perceptions of how we interact and consume from a western lens.

We have been going back and forth over the last few years on how we could work together in some capacity. We finally arrived at Silviculture.

The growing of trees is somewhat similar to the growing of a brand, concept and everything basically. Aimed at reducing the amount of waste in the fashion industry by repurposing and upcycling old product into new art-fed items. Using natural dyes and local small scale production, our aim is to make cool with less waste. There are so many small steps involved in small scale production, building relationships, and collecting a capsule sized family of makers, sewers, and skilled artisans involved in the process. Little tree rings.


There is a strong connection to clothes that last, without being over-pretentious about the process. We have approached our items at style that we adore, and ideas that we can’t forget. It has been a lot of fun!

The aim is to keep things in our ever growing tree-ring inner circle. Slow growth that flows with the artists and artisans we work with, within the uniformity of our concept. Uniforms without uniformity.

Our first collection is an ongoing concept-project. Utilizing vintage chamois LL Bean shirts, they are naturally dyed in an assortment of different dyestuff. These products debuted at the Kansai Trunk show I organized at Paloma Hayes in San Francisco. This current collection is also available at Kerouac in Okinawa.

Dyed using 6 different natural plant dyes; marigold, catechu, logwood, madder, myrobalan, and cochineal. Each garment undergoes multiple steps, to ensure color depth, but each comes out unique, with its own “mood”. 

We were greatly inspired by Mark Rothko paintings and borrowed his aesthetic for these shirts.

We have more items on the way this year so please stay tuned for upcoming items.

Pentimento | A lot with less

Pentimento | A lot with less

Momemsake Neck Pouch

Momemsake Neck Pouch