Kapital | A/W 2015 Runway Preview

Kapital | A/W 2015 Runway Preview

Words by Me Photos by Eric Kvatek

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Last month I attended the first (and probably only) runway preview (it felt more like tameshigiri) for Kapital Autumn/Winter 2015. Needless to say in Kapital's signature "Ee jya nai ka" (Ah, who cares...Fuck it) attitude -it was spectacular. The preview contained most of the 2015 A/W collection and as to some it may seem chaotic and all-over-the-place, but for me there was an underlying theme. That theme for me was okonomiyaki... basically a mixed-up mash of ingredients that can be deliciously assembled to form a personal-enlightenment-food moment.  This is a rather big step for Kapital... as the use of textile, design, pattern, and style have converged for once into a sort of "satori" or self-understanding.



The styles have a sort of perfect balance of Wayousechu. Kind of like a samurai with a mohawk. Nothing poetic about it...



First is the small bits of grunge, and punk fashion mixed with MA-1's and butterflies. The women's items are strong, and flowing, something I like to see is fluffy girly fabrics mixed with a leather biker jacket. It is cool, as cool can be. I mean look at the whole slew of brands trying to get every detail to exact replicas and for what? It ends up looking boring and forgettable. Or all the women wearing menswear... I mean enough of it already...

The styles have a sort of perfect balance of Wayousechu. Kind of like a samurai with a mohawk. Nothing poetic about it...

kvatek_1dx_0102 kvatek_1dx_0622

Then there is the vintage and modern mixed so casually and expertly it looks effortless. Something that most of the denim world in general doesn't understand. Effortless is a key ingredient here; meaning so true and honest it wears well without effort. Most people are so concerned about fit, and dimensions that they forget none of that matters when you put a coat on, or when you are in a dark bar with minimal lighting. They will remember that Santo Domingo Thunderbird Cowichan Cardigan though...

Third thing to note here is the lack of a consistent trend, or trendy items. Because, readers should be aware of that, there are no fashion trends anymore. As recently (re)pointed out in a New York Times article. The fantastic artistry that goes into the Kapital Kountry items and washed fabrics and denim is savory. There definitely won't be any instructions from Kapital on how to get that double indigo mountain parka to fade, or how to age a denim quilted jacket.

kvatek_1dx_0873 kvatek_1dx_0144

Kapital's image as a brand has transcended in a way in the last few years (often being labeled as a "denim cult-brand" or "cowboy-hippie-brand") from internet mediocrity, to a sophisticated gigantic denim-clad fashion killing robot. They may offend, and confuse most... but in the end there is something about the Kapital culture that keeps surprising people and creating an ever-growing fan base. As a contributor to this cult (family), I can only but be appreciative of being involved in some little way.

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