The Infallible Blanket Lining

The Infallible Blanket Lining

This year has been a remarkable year for the humble blanket lining. That warmth providing pal that lines the inside of your favorite denim jackets and coveralls. The colors and textures vary from brand to brand, but they all have amazing texture and usually look just as good as the denim shell. The blanket liner is what I call "American Boro". A lot of vintage jackets that have liners, usually end up getting repaired countless times and the liners end up in shreds. Those red, grey, blue, and yellow stripes are unmistakably American vintage.

These lining leftovers could easily be used to patch socks, jeans, jackets, even wool blankets. The threads could even be unwoven and used for darning.

Kapital has incorporated the lining into several items this year. The first is this Kountry patchwork shirt.


Mixing with indigo, the depth of color and texture is a perfect over-shirt for autumn and winter.

My personal favorite is this fleecy beach tool jacket. It is super warm and cozy. The fabric is a clever idea of making the blanket lining into warmer fabric by utilizing this knit fabric that looks like a blanket liner. The blue, red, and grey combined create a very rugged look, but softened by the knit beach cloth.

I especially like how it looks with a sukiyaki denim shirt as an underlay to keep the denim jacket in context. The pockets are an added bonus. Plenty of places to quickly stow small carry items or even a paperback.


Of the 3 other items using this fabric this season I preferred this jacket. The sleeves aren't too wide, and the length and width of the body are perfect. The rounded Browns Beach inspired pockets are cute.



Narita-san and I have been busy this year collecting amongst other things lined denim chore jackets and turning them into half & 1/2 jackets. DSCF3648

Available on the Etsy site they are simple and honest vintage items that we have creatively modified. Please note the variation of denim and blanket, and left and right and back and front halves. We have jokingly called these "Hobo Camo".


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Murasaki - The Sweetness of Purple

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