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Kapital | Century Denim Jacket

Kapital | Century Denim Jacket


Century Denim Jacket 1

In the new Spring 2014 Kapital book Sailor Ninja, the Century Denim jacket has been revealed. It was an inevitability that it would be made, but fans could only guess which form and pattern it would take.

It is almost identical to the Lee 101J. The lines in the sashiko and the stitching lines on the chest flow well. The Century Denim jacket comes in Long and Regular. The long is a more modern slim fit, while the regular is a shorter boxier fit.

Century Denim Jacket 4

I had the opportunity to experiment with one early, and I tried a new kakishibu application technique. Persimmon tannin paste is a difficult substance to work with, but it creates a very interesting leathery finish. I wanted to try to recreate that oil/wax coated style jacket so common in the English countryside, but with a traditional Japanese method.

12/24/2013 was the release date for the jacket in both fits and both colors, there were special persimmon tannin events at the Kobe, Ebisu, and Nagoya locations.

Century Denim Jacket 2

As you can see the coating dried and is a bit shiny, but this will subside once I have a chance to apply the last few finishing touches.Century Denim Jacket 3

The guys at Kapital Kountry have been experimenting with a spray kakishibu and I quite like how smooth the sprayed effect is.Century Denim Jacket and Soho Store 1 Century Denim Jacket and Soho Store 2

Eric Kvatek sent me a few images to add from the new book. Both pictured below is the 7S and 5S respectively set in the French countryside. Kvatek_03_1347 Kvatek_03_5092 Kvatek_03_5110 Kvatek_03_5135

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