Kapital | Kojima Soho Store - Everything but the clothes

Soho Store 5 Within the past few months a new Kapital store opened up in their hometown of Kojima, Okayama. The store was the local library and takes its name from the buildings original soho "赭" ocher color exterior. Welcome to Kojima SOHO.

Soho Store 6

The interior is inspired by sacred Native American forests. The use of conifer wood and broadleaf wood was mixed together to create a harmonious forest-like space. The space stays to this wood theme, so even the metal bits used in the store are shaped to look like wood. Soho Store 7

The use of pages of this flower arrangement book became the shade for a lamp in the book store. The bookstore is a simple wooden space focusing and featuring many interesting books.Soho Store 11

The three kamidana that are in the main room have 3 different themes for their separate spirits. One for "blue sky" another for "star" and one for "clouds". Soho Store 10

The clothes pins are also made out of wood and keep the theme and also create a sort of cloud space for the spirit in this space.Soho Store 9

It is a fabulous space, and Kiro took the time to show me around and point out the really special spots in the store. If you are in town please check out this wonderful space. Soho Store 14

Tezomeya | Beauty in Process

Tezomeya | Beauty in Process