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Kapital | Kapital World Documentary

Kapital | Kapital World Documentary

[vimeo 86780026 w=500 h=281] To some, Kapital is just another brand that makes clothes. For me, and I am sure for many others, they tell a story through documentary-style photos and unforgettable clothes. I think the prominent tool that Kapital makes great use of is the look-book. No other company around creates such unique and interesting worlds, that vary so dramatically each season. The brand has kept the secret recipe for their books rather closely guarded, until now.

Kapital World created by Hsiang Chin Moe (Kapital model and friend), goes behind the scenes of the photo shoot for the spring 2014 book:

Kiro and Eric meet up in France to shoot the Spring 2014 Kapital book, “Sailor Ninja”. Old friends return and new friends are made over five days of shooting in Paris, Souesmes and Cassis. In Paris, the Kapital crew focuses on Bohemian styles and French Ninjas. Slightly more familiar hunting themes are played with in the French countryside, of course with a twist. Finally, the entire production crew travels by train to the South of France for a nautical excursion. In addition to the details and logistics of a Kapital photo shoot, the nature of the fifteen years long friendship of Kiro and Eric is revealed.


Kiro begins by explaining how his clothes and ideas come together like puzzle pieces with Eric's photography style. They start with separate concepts and once they meet at the location, the Kapital world starts to take shape. There is incredible creative chemistry between these two that took many years to develop. This fellowship has fermented and matured into a name that has become a cult-like obsession not only in Japan, but across the globe.

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Pairing the clothes with the location and the props, the story begins to take shape. Shooting begins on rooftops, with Paris as the backdrop and strangers become friends. Once the camaraderie forms, people settle into a groove and everyone seems to enjoy a few laughs. I found myself counting each time I snickered along with the crew. Beyond the infinite respect they have for each other's craft, they have this boyish playful side that I think speaks through the pictures and clothes. The honesty and unpretentious approach to their work and life is what I think people should really take note of here. Strangely, this free and unbidden attitude is so hard to find in fashion and media.

Not only is there a glimpse into the backstage preparations and off-camera antics, but also an understanding of Kiro, Nicola and Eric's longstanding friendship. Eric goes into detail of how the unsung heroes of the shoot also help make things run smoothly. Most of this documentary is the like an amazing expanded version of the last two pages of the catalogs. At its most essential, these are two friends who inspire each other and those around them.

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The film is brief at just 60 minutes, but it left me with a lasting impression of my two friends. Seeing them in their element, with the crew, and how much fun they have creating these books deepened my respect for their work. The soundtrack adds a dream-like flow, while the editing and style of the film kept my attention. The whole production is as friendly as it looks on the screen. If you want an intimate look into the Kapital World, and see how friendship (the secret recipe) rules this brand, this film is your window. This is a story I would have shared with my father, so this is a story I will share with you...

There will be a special screening in New York City on Thursday, March 6. For information about RSVP and to find out more about the film, please visit the Kapital World website.

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